Making possibleto transititonto plant-basedfoods** Alternative proteins that complement the
food offer and help mitigate climate change

About Us


We collaborate with the transition to a healthier and more sustainable
food future by means of innovation and technology applied to
plant-based proteins.


Future holds many questions and only a few certainties:
global population is on the rise and this means higher demand
for proteins. Currently, that demand is met majorly by animal
proteins. However, this is not sustainable in the long run. Current
animal protein production schemes have negative environmental
impact and are simply not scalable enough to meet the needs of
an expected global population of 10 billion people by 2050. In such
a context, we are certain plant-based proteins will play a key role in
the future by helping cover significantly those demands in a
sustainable and healthy way.Tomorow Foods reflects the evolution of food based on
the wellbeing of the planet, together with the health and
satisfaction of those who inhabit it.
Tomorrow is about thinking in the new generations to come and the
legacy we will leave them behind. Tomorrow brings new flavors, new
sensations, new experiences, new ways of eating and relating with our
planet. In a more sustainable and healthy way. Tomorrow is a new start.
Tomorrow is hoping for a better today.


We are an interdisciplinary team of professionals with experience in sustainable agriculture production, the food ingredients industry, the design
and execution of industrial processes, and new venture creation. We want to be part of the solution of the great challenges faced by humanity.
We work hard to produce the food for tomorrow while helping to mitigate climate change directly.














We have developed an extensive network of collaborations and strategic
alliances with top-tier academic and research institutions, at a local and
international level. We also work with other companies enabling us to face
challenges in a comprehensive and collaborative way.


Cuture And Values

We work to create a healthier and more sustainable food future. To
eat better today, but especially tomorrow. For us and for future
generations. How do we do it?

With sustainable plant-based proteins

Collaborative innovation


Continuous improvement and Resilience

Communication and education directed
to the next generations

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Plant Based
Protein Systems

Taking advantage of the potential plant-based proteins we offer integrated solutions to the players of the food and beverage industry enabling them
to complement their product portfolio in a simple and agile manner and according to new consumer trends. Our Plant-Based Protein Systems are
integrated, turnkey solutions that combine knowledge and innovation with traceable plant-based proteins and functional ingredients.

We design our Plant-Based Protein Systems through a vertically integrated
approach from the farm until the final product, under proprietary processes and
combining several disciplines and technologies. Thus we are able to adjust and maximize
each link of the added-value and production chain obtaining delicious, high performing,
clean-label solutions













Pulses are seeds or grains from the Leguminosae crop family. The most
known and consumed pulses are: peas (green and yellow), chickpeas, lentils
and beans (white, black, red, mung -green-, among other colour tones).
Argentina, and Latin America in general, present excellent conditions for the
production of pulses. In our country productive regions range from Buenos
Aires Province up to the Argentine Northwest. Until recently, we were used
to seeing these pulses cooked almost exclusively in stews, sauté and saladas.
However, and currently, food technology has allowed and enabled a higher
consumption of pulses by turning them into innovative, attractive, delicious
and healthy products.

Consuming more Pulses is good
for consumers and the planet.

From a Nutritional point of view
pulses are an exceptional source
of nutrients.

High content of Proteins

Low fat

Rich in soluble fibre

Source of Group B vitamins (thiamin, niacin, B6 and folic acid)

Source of minerals: calcium, magnesium, potassium, zinc, phosphorus and iron.

From an Environment and Ag
Production standpoint Pulses help
Mitigate Climate Change:

• They promote the diversity and intensification of crop rotation, thus avoiding
monocropping and bringin biodiversity to our soil and ecosystems.

• This higher diversity enables a green field all year long, as pulses function
as cover crops, helping to reduce erosion and to control weeds and plagues.

• Pulses improve soil fertility, fixing nitrogen from the atmosphere to enhance
yields of following crops while reducing the need for chemical nitrogen

These reasons, together with its versatile functionality make Pulses key ingredients
for the design and development of our Plant Based Protein Systems.

More information on Pulses: FAO; Chamber of Legumes of the Argentine Republic (CLERA);


Argentina is one of the countries where agriculture results in a
favorable balance for the environment, due to the common practice
of “No-till Systems” or “Regenerative Agriculture” as it is starting
to get known globally nowadays. There is no soil, climate or crop
in the world where this process technology cannot be carried forward.

No-till Systems take into account
the following principles:

• No tillage

• Intensive and diversified crop rotation

• Permanent soil coverage through crops and previous crop residue

• Good practices (regarding farming, environment, hygiene and human health).

• Permanence through time

This scheme enables to
produce on a sustainable
basis with a Positive Impact:

• Mitigates erosion and soil degradation

• Builds healthier soils improving chemical, physical and biological conditions

• Improves the use and sustainability of water and other resources

• Reduces the need of chemical herbicides and fertilizers

• Achieves better yields in pursuit of food safety

• Captures carbon from atmosphere

In Tomorrow Foods, our added value process of transforming grains in innovative solutions
starts with corps cultivated under no-till systems, by responsible, sustainable and certified
producers with whom we openly associate and collaborate.

Therefore, we produce food for tomorrow while directly helping
to mitigate climate change.

More information: No-till Systems (Aapresid); Good Agriculture Practices (Ministerio Agricultura)


Our vertically integrated approach from crop production to the
design and development of integrated solutions for the food industry
allows us to ensure the quality, safety and sustainable approach
at every step of the value chain.
Thus, we provide visibility and transparency to our whole process,
empowering the end consumer and enabling better-informed purchasing
decisions. For this end, we collaborate and receive the support
of long-standing experts in the fields of georeferenced information
systems and blockchain technology.


Achieving a healthier and more sustainable food future is no easy task, but by working together we could make it happen!
Our contribution and mission at Tomorrow Foods is to bring new innovations to market that enable consumers to complement their
diet with new flavours, new sensations, new functionalities, new ways to nourish themselves and new ways of relating to the planet.
We are confident that the best way of conquering this challenge is by means of open and collaborative innovation, and teamwork.Would you like to join us?


You are a state-of-the-art farmer. You are curious,
sustainable and certified and you are looking for
new ways of trading your crops and telling your
community everything you are doing exceptionally well
at the farm level. Contact us!

Entrepreneurs and

We like working with passionate entrepreneurs and
researchers willing to rewrite rules, because this is
how we are! If you have an idea or research line that
could benefit from our expertise on the development
of new plant-based food and our position in the
industry, please tell us!

Food and Beverage

Complement or relaunch your product portfolio in an
easy and fast way and according to new and exponentially
growing consumer trends.. Our Plant Based Protein
Systems are highly versatile and can be easily
adjusted for the customers you are currently serving.

If you would like to explore opportunities to collaborate with us, please contact us!


Thanks for reaching out. We will get in touch with you soon!


Thanks for reaching out. We will get in touch with you soon!

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